Friday, March 2, 2012

snow...wonderful snow!!!

*today's pic~

OMG!!  after the spring tornadoes in the mid-south, we are having a heavy, white-out kind of snow blizzard today!!!  i guess we are still in WINTER mode here in iowa! don't put your winter coats/scarves/hats away just yet!!  more tornadoes today in AL ... woe to the South...

i just read wonderful sentiments from Brenda @ Common Ground and her followers!! must check on Prairie Flower Garden and The Blessed Hearth too!

watching the BTN(Ben Ten Network) women's BB tournament games...Michigan vs Ohio State right now ...  then IOWA vs Nebraska @ 1pm ... both I and N have 'perfect' Februaries... no losses!  should be a really great game!!

the snow removal crew(not my crew!) that damaged my sidewalk sod last time came to meet with me and assured me they would repair my damaged grass along one of the busiest blvds here!  then it started snowing!!everything outside is WHITE!!  pray they do their job better!!  i'm really assured they will!
wonderful day to stay inside & KNIT on my Echo Flower shawl that i found on Ravelry!!

this is the PATTERN shawl will be in Tosh Vintage  Glazed Pecan ... brown w/golden highlights!!  2into9's, 3into9's, Nupps, and LOTS of YO's!!!!!  (sound like a strange language?? stay tuned to find out!!)

NOW, where are my 'sticks' & 'string'??!!!!

^)^ linda

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