Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Howlin' Wind!!!

today the wind is blowing snow flurries horizontally and howlin' as if it were the middle of winter! we're just a couple 3 weeks away from the 1st day of spring! what a strange winter we have had this year!! i'm looking forward to warmer days so i can work in my flower bed/berms.  everything i planted last year will make its first real showing this spring/summer!!

OMG!!! the tornadoes that hit KS, MO, IL, KY were deadly!!  130+mph winds devastated Branson,MO!! yes, this HAS been a VERY STRANGE 'winter-into-spring'!  my heart goes out to all those affected by these deadly storms last night.  they struck during the night when people were asleep in their beds! how awful!
we've been to Branson several times, driven thru Witchita many times, gone thru southern IL also. EF4 rating from 170+mph winds!   it makes our winds thru IC liken to a summer 'breeze'!  we need to get a NOAA radio!!  scary!!!

since this blog is partly about my love of BLACK sheep, and since i've been collecting pics of any/all sheep, i'm going to include a pic of them on each post.  the background 'Wales Black Sheep' that i found on Google pics is by far my favorite!!!!  i love it!!  so, please enjoy this one as my first real post!  i am not a 'wool' knitter as my family cannot wear wool, so i knit in other fibers.  but i can dream about all the natural wool colors... i recently found a 'sheep lap afghan' & 'heid' using natural wool colors that i want to make sometime.  Kate Davies designed these two sheep pieces... someday...

now, where are my 'sticks' & 'string'??!!!!
^)^ hawknitr13 {aka Linda}

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